Logo du restaurant libanais à Bruxelles East@West
  • Hummus(Vegan) 6.5€

    Hummus, tomato, pickles and lettuce

  • Moutabal(Vegan) 6.5€

    Grilled eggplant caviar with tahini (sesame paste); tomato, pickles and parsley

  • Falafel(Vegan) 7€

    Falafel, tomato, pickles and lettuce

  • Vegan grill(Vegan) 7€

    Grilled eggplant, paprika and onion with a special sauce and tomato

  • Torator chicken 7€

    Torator chicken, parsley, tomato and walnuts

  • Chich Taouk 7€

    Grilled chicken skewer, lettuce, tomato and garlic sauce

  • Toshka 7€

    Baked minced beef and Syrian cheese

  • Kebab 7€

    Grilled seasoned minced beef skewer, hummus, tomato, lettuce, onion and sumac

  • Makdous(Vegan)(C) 7€

    Baby eggplants stuffed with walnuts and peppers, tomato and parsley

  • Cheese (Veget) 6.50€

    Syrian white cheese, mint, red pepper and olive oil


for take away

we are open from 12h to 14h
and 18h to 22h

the kitchen is closed at 21h